Logs and Shanties


Opening remarks

by Linda / harriers b 1995
Welcome to Circus 95, Harriers B edition! If you didn't know, the reason we call this magazine Circus is because the latin name for the Harrier bird is Circus, and it somehow seems appropriate!

These are some of the offerings from Logs and Shanties, hopefully they will bring back some memories of the summer and whet your appetite for more (or else make you decide you can do better!). Thank you for all the contributions and thank you too to my husband Brian who has waded through the handwriting and typed it on the computer.

Many of us look to Harriers to encourage our faith and help us to grow as Christians. One of the key things that stands out in my memory from Cabin clubs was "What does Jesus mean to you?" Is He just a historical person you can have views about, or is He someone you know personally and can talk about to your friends? A song by Marilyn Baker says, "He's my Saviour, my friend and my Lord."

It's a challenge to all of us: is this what Jesus means to us, and if so, does he mean enough to us to want to share Him with others? When we tell others about Jesus our own faith grows, but we do need to have and on-going daily walk with Him otherwise we don't have much to share.

Finally, what about next year? Are you coming again? If so, who could you invite to come with you? Is Harriers C the more appropriate cruise for you? What if you are above school age and not aiming to be a mate or skipper? There are plenty of opportunities for cooks, helpers and leaders on other Scripture Union holidays, why not give it a go?

Linda, Oct.95

Mike's log, Saturday

by Mike / harriers b 1995
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight, approximately 1.5 metres below sea level at a ground speed of 0.2 mph. As we have a distinct headwind of approximately 5 knots our expected time of arrival, henceforth referred to as our ETA will be delayed by some half hour or so. However, your cabin crew under cabin supervisor Jane have put the kettle on and will be bringing round a nice cup of tea shortly.

We apologise that we are now experiencing some turbulence. This will be felt as a violent swinging from left to right within our designated flight path. Passengers should engage seat belts and extinguish all cigarettes immediately.

For those passengers sitting on the left hand side of the cabin who are interested in the passing scenery, if they look out of the port holes they will see some interesting reedbeds.

The cabin crew will soon be round with a selection of duty free water or orange drink.

As we will be landing in approximately 3 mintues we are sorry to have to inform you that we are not landing at our destination of first choice but at Martham Boatyard and Development Company. Captain Denton and his crew thank you for sailing with Harriers Airline and General Development Co. and look forward to enjoying your continued support in travelling with us in the future.

Wood Sorrel's log of Sunday

by the crew of Wood Sorrel / harriers b 1995
After breakfast Clare announced that I was going to quant us across the river. I smiled and looked around for our experienced and reliable mate, Andy, but he'd vanished to the half-decker. After two or three unsuccessful attempts we'd begun to drift backwards towards our moorings. At this point Matthew took the quant pole. I decided I'd prefer to jump into the reeds, not a good idea and I have the scars to prove it.

We entered the broad carefully avoiding posts and other yachts but unable to escape from Matthew's singing. My turn on the helm, "Watch out for the post"- to the right. "No, no, mind the half-decker, look left". The rest of the crew looked concerned and made references to going inside, they seemed to have no faith in my sailing abilities - as for the skipper...

After lunch we tackled Meadow Dyke and many motor cruisers intent on barging straight into us if we were stupid enough to go across the river!

We encountered more trouble from Chestnut's bowsprit, incidentally, Matthew was onboard at the time.

Clare, "Right, sails down.
We'll just wait for the half-decker to pass.
No, sails up, we'll try again.
Sails down, we'll have to quant.
We can't quant, it's too sticky.
Carol, what shall we do?!

We made it to Horsey eventually and rewarded ourselves with Appletiser and raiding special delicacies reserved for "Wood Sorrow" only.

There once was a skipper called Pete
Who had tremendously smelly old feet
When he took off his shoe
He killed all his crew
So he hung them all up on a cleat

Mike's Log for Monday - Sights of the day

by Mike / harriers b 1995
  1. Large sailing boat from Martham motoring along with the mast snapped at the crutches. It looked as though they had literally dropped the mast!
  2. Brian's half-decker trying to go through Potter bridge sideways.
  3. Skipper Denton failing to tie a reef knot at mooring inspection (will he ever be allowed to forget it???)
  4. Wood Anemone losing their quant pole over the starboard side of the boat, floating over it (quant pole still stuck in the mud) and retrieving it as it bounced up on the port side.
  5. Wood Anemone waltzing across the river after lunch and turning round about three times before reaching the windward bank to set sail.
  6. Andy Mitchell scrambling up his mast to bring down, in his words, "that thingy that holds up the jib".

Log of Wood Violet

harriers b 1995
Well, I don't have a lot to say.

(ed. I decided to precis this one)

We have a mellow skipper called Jon
Whose feet, unlike Pete's, do not pong
He's brilliantly calm
And has such charm
He never does anything wrong

Log from Wood Avens 9th August

by Caroline / harriers b 1995
Once upon a Harriers cruise there was a bright sunny morning and everybody was woken up bright and early (too early for most) including the bathtubs who were silly enough to consider mooring near to us in the first place!

It was particularly early for one of our crew members who awoke at about 3am to hear a mumbled "Cheese straws" from a certain Mr. Denton! "Hmm," she thought, wondering what on earth he was dreaming! It took her a long time to get back to sleep due to a rather loud snoring sound coming from a very sound asleep Commy - ahhh!

The day started off strangely for us - we were "early" for inspection!

Lunchtime began with a mega sarnie-making chain - quite professional really! Suddenly, with no warning, I was completely soaked by the first of many waterbombs. Major water fights entertained us for the rest of our lunch break.

The rest of Wood Violet's Log

harriers b 1995
I thought I'd introduce my crew to you, somewhat belatedly.

Ruth, my mate, who thinks she's the skipper!
"Pete, do this, Pete do that," well I've had to run away to the half decker the last two days just to get some peace and quiet.

David, the strong and silent one who likes his pie, chips and gravy, and he isn't a lousy eater, NOT! For instance, his salad last night consisted of tomatoes.

The Sisters! They're scared of the tiller, don't like quanting, won't jump ashore with the warp, don't like pulling halyards or sheets but they love sailing!

Log of the good ship Anonymity Friday 11th August

harriers b 1995
Can't understand it! We really did get 10 marks on inspection this morning. It was a near thing. The consensus of opinion was that, if the skipper fell in he should be left to fend for himself, though a minority thought it would be rather fun to try and run him down. The skipper, however, disagreed with both these views and was of the opinion he should be picked up immediately. Just as well the skipper got that question to answer!

By midday (cruise time) we - that is, the noble skippers of Harriers, came to the corporate conclusion that Commy had actually misled us (is it credible!) about tide times. So we deserted Magic Moment to continue to Blackhorse and had a communal al fresco luncheon party on the green at Horning public staithe.

It was here that D (let him otherwise be nameless) actually wet his pants - who would have believed it possible, there on Horning public staithe!

Well thank you Commy, we have had a great week and have only broken one plate. Please may we come back next year?

There once was a boat called Magic Moment
Whose crew couldn't sail on the Solent
So they sailed on the Broads
And their laughter did roar
Though the smell from the bilge was quite potent

Magic Moment had a wonderful crew
Who spent most of their time in the loo
They didn't eat meat
Thought soya a treat
And when they left, Commy said, "Phew"

There once was a Bilge boy called Dan
Who ate very large chunks of spam
The jelly, it's said
He did use on his head
What a strange and incredible man

Sorrel is the boat that we sail
Destruction we leave in our trail
The cruisers we bait
For that is their fate
That we trick them and then make them fail

The skipper on Violet is Pete
When he's not scoffing something to eat
Out comes lots of sound
Heard for miles around
You'd think he's the king of the fleet

There was a crewman called Andy
On helm, he wasn't so handy
When a gybe was a-coming
He didn't tell us
And a crew-woman called Jane got a mouthful of boom and wasn't very happy!

Song from "The Northern Lads" hitherto unpublished

to the tune of the Hornpipe song
by "The Northern Lads" / harriers b 1995
Does your boom hang low?
Can you swing it to and fro?
Do you tie a granny knot?
Do you tie a granny bow?
Do you get a funny feeling
When you're sailing fast and heeling?
Oh! You'll never be a sailor if your boom hangs low!

Wood Violet's song

to the tune of 'God is our father'
by the crew of Wood Violet / harriers b 1995
Verse 1
Commy is our leader,
for he created this cruise
He's given us boats to sail,
But quanting up the Ant we'll get there at one

Chorus 1:-
With the swish of the mop we clean our decks (swish/swosh)
With the flap of our sails we crawl along (flip/flop)
With the tapping of our halyards we stay awake (cheese straws)
With the sound of Pete's voice we learn to sail (oi/oi fend gybe jib jump)

Verse 2
Pete is our skipper
The frying pan he scrubs is clean
His reef knots gain us points
But of course this verse is an utter lie

Chorus 2:-
He does not do the work he should (lazy git)
Sunning on the roof is all he does (frizzle/frazzle)
He scores all the girls with his fireman's lift (oh/ah/ah)
We can eat the food of six even though we're five (munch/crunch)

Magic Moment's song

to the tune of 'Swing low, sweet chariot'
by the crew of Magic Moment / harriers b 1995
I dream of shavers,
Hot and cold running water too
I dream of creature free beds
When the long sail is through

As I look over Potter Bridge, what do I see?
Half decker straddling the arch
Blocking the path from Ludham to Horsey
Watch that cruiser coming too fast

As we cook the packet food, what do we see?
Lumps and bumps and grainy bits too
Mash it, fry it, heat it, serve it what could it be?
Never mind, it's eaten by the crew

We are crazy Harriers sailing all day
Skipper, Mate and Bilge rat too
Will we make it back next year?
Hope so, we pray, despite the tiny size of the loo

Wood Anemone's song

to the tune of 'Majesty'
by the crew of Wood Anemone / harriers b 1995
Harrier, sail on young Harrier!
Inspire fear in everyone you meet
Harrier, intrepid warrior
Far from your home to the unknown - we sail on
So go about, with a shout
Frustrate that cruiser
Lift on high, the Harriers cry
Can't be a loser
Harrier, sail on young Harrier
'til you go home, unto your own - see you next year!

Wood Rose's song

to the tune of 'Barbara-Ann'
by the crew of Wood Rose / harriers b 1995
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat

Gybe your boat, keep afloat

We've got it rockin' and a-rollin'
Rockin' and a-reelin'
Gybe your boat
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat

Went on a cruise
Couldn't find the loos
Wondered what to do
So I shoo be do be dooed

Gybe your boat
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat

Keep afloat

Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat

We've got it rockin' and a-rollin'
Rockin' and a-reelin'

Gybe your boat
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat
Skipper's in a mope
Couldn't really cope
Saw it in his eyes
As he jumped over the side


Sat up on deck
I'm a nervous wreck
No-one to be found
And there's cruisers all around


Gybe your boat
Gybe gybe, gybe gybe your boat

Keep afloat

We've got it rockin' and a-rollin'
Rockin' and a-reelin'
Gybe your boat
We've got it rockin' and a-rollin'
Rockin' and a-reelin', gybe your boat

Wood Sorrel's song

to the tune of 'In the Summertime'
by the crew of Wood Sorrel / harriers b 1995
In the summertime, when the weather is hot
We go to Norfolk and we sail a bit
We're the Harriers, Harriers, Harriers cruise.

When you're about to gybe and the wind is strong
You must duck your head or you'll get thrown along
We've got bruises, we've got bruises on our heads.

If you've got Matt on your boat he will sing a lot
He will chat up all the girls 'cos he thinks he's hot
He's got women, he's got women on his mind.

If the wind is strong then go for a sail
Or put the kettle on you'll hear a whistle whistle wail
We want tea, we tea immediately.

You are woken each morning with an awful sound
It's the commodore jumping up and around
He's lost his horn, he's lost his horn, what a shame. (sarcastically)

We've got Clare the skipper and Andy the mate
They do all the work which we think is great
Speeding down the Thurne even though the speed limit is 4.5.

At the end of the week we feel very weak
It's this singing it's this singing does us in
We want to go home, do you want to go home?

Wood Avens' song

to the tune of 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow'
by the crew of Wood Avens / harriers b 1995
Oh thank you for the Norfolk Broads
Oh thank you for the sailing, Lord
I praise you for the wind and sun
That makes our sailing lots of fun

"Ready about" the skipper cries
"Ready" the crew shout back
The boom swings to and fro a bit
"Oh drat we've lost our tack"
The skipper gets rather heated
Steam's coming from his ears
"Get out of the way you silly zit
We'll get you, have no fear"


The crew have a go at the helm
and everything's going fine
but then "Watch out!" the skipper shouts
"We're caught on a fishing line"
"Oh dear, I tried to tell you so"
"Okay, okay, whoopsee"
"Oh yikes" he says as he sees
the crutches floating by the trees.


And as the cruise comes to an end
The Commy sheds a tear
"But don't you worry," we all say
"'Cos we'll be back next year!"


Another offering from "The Northern Lads"

to the tune of 'Another day in Paradise' by Phil Collins
by "The Northern Lads" / harriers b 1995
We call out to the motor cruiser,
Can you go round us?
It's calm and there's no room to move
Is there some space you can give us?
He drives on, doesn't look back
He pretends he can't hear us
Starts to whistle as he cuts up our bow
Seems embarrassed to be there

Chorus:- Oh, sink twice, It's just another day for us eating stodgy rice (x2)

We call out to the man on the bank
He can see we've been quanting
We've got blisters on the palms of our hands
We can't sail but we're trying
He can see by the dents on our boat
He can see that it's "B" cruise
Probably been towed off of every lee bank
'Cos we tried to moor up there

Chorus:- Don't fall in, 'Cos the people use the water as a rubbish bin (x2)

Linda's song

to the tune of 'Praise my soul the King of Heaven'
by Linda / harriers b 1995
Praise you Lord for your creation
We have seen upon the Broads
Morning mists and stunning sunsets
All proclaim you Lord of lords
Thank you Father for the beauty
Thank you for the Norfolk Broads.

Thank you Lord for fun and friendship
We've enjoyed upon this cruise
Thank you for the joy of showers
Rescues us from smelly shoes
Quanting, sailing, towing, bailing
Thank you for the yachts we use.

Thank you Lord for your protection
O'er the Harriers all this week
Thank you for your strength and guidance
Helping us when we are weak
Thank you for the truth you give us
When it's you we try to seek.

Thinking about what the Lord's prayer means for us

by Brian / harriers b 1995
Our Father in Heaven,
You're amazing,
I wish that you would come again and complete your work but, until you do, Lord, I will do your work as you want me to.
But Lord I recognise that I am a sinner and I pray that you will forgive me and also give me the grace not to hold grudges against those who have done wrong to me.
I pray that you really help me through the day in the different situations that I face and help me to deal with them in the way that you would like.
Lord, help me to avoid falling for temptation and help me to recognise the devil's plots.
I ask this in your name, Lord, Amen.